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Those who visit La Casa de Mis Recuerdos located in sunny Oaxaca, Mexico, are invariably charmed by the delightful surroundings and relaxing ambiance, but it is often the culinary masterpieces created by your gracious hostess Nora Valencia, which leaves the most lasting impression. In her well-equipped kitchen of Alma de mi Tierra, Nora creates the most astonishing array of delectable meals, calling on time-honored recipes, or occasionally little known secrets, passed down by her mother or grandmother. The excellence of her cooking often led guests to question her about ingredients and recipes. In the past, Nora's mother and grandmother had revealed many of their secrets in numerous cookbooks. Nora however, decided to unlock the mysteries of her wonderful cooking by allowing guests and admirers into her kitchen, and personally teaching them.

Ocotlan Market
In fact, lessons start in the local market, where Nora shows her students how to select only premiere ingredients. The marketplace is an education in itself, but it is back in the kitchen where Nora really works her magic. In fluent English, she reveals the recipes that so many admire, and the teaching is far more than just an exercise, for the meal being created will be the students midday comida - the main meal of the day.

Nora in her Kitchen

Students receive a printed recipe of the dish being prepared, and Nora will provide a short history of the dish. Each student plays an active role in the kitchen, being instructed in not only the main, dish, but also the accompanying side dishes. Lessons are restricted to intimate groups of 4 to 10 people maximum, guaranteeing personal attention. Each lesson starts with a refreshing cool drink amongst the flowers and birds on the patio, and ends around the main dining table with a formal setting as the group lingers over the mouthwatering meal they helped create.


For those who long to know the secrets of traditional Oaxaca cooking, these culinary classes should not be missed. The training you will receive is invaluable, your hostess charming, and the dining experience truly unforgettable. While most travelers return home with little more than photographic memories, imagine how wonderful it would be to also create and savor the tastes of Oaxaca at any time, for yourself, family or friends.

We are very proud to announce that Nora Valencia is featured in Japan's October 2008 issue of Madame Figaro Voyage. You can find the page on the internet here by clicking on the link showing the cover of the October issue.
Nora was chosen over several candidates in Oaxaca and we are very happy to have her represent not only Mexico, but the culture of Oaxaca. Her study of regional cuisine andMexican history along with her dedication to passing on the best Oaxaca has to offer, is a tribute to her character and her talents.

In addition to Nora's print debut, she was also filmed cooking with French Chef Julie Andrieu and aired on Channel 5 in Paris France, filmed by and aired in London by the BBC and by the Travel Channel with Charlie Ottley.


To better acquaint yourselves with the culture and wonderful foods of Oaxaca you might want to consider our

Alma de Mi Tierra Cooking & Cultural Tour Package

Reserve a space in one of our classes for 2011.


Classes will be taught every Monday and Thursday and by special request.

Student Testimonials

"I have only positive things to say about my recent vacation in Oaxaca, Mexico......."

"......A highlight of the casa was visiting with Nora.... The family owns four facilities and Nora is charming and vivacious. She speaks excellent English and she will help her guests with any problem, big or small. She arranges taxis and tours for you, even runs some tours herself if you want. She is, also, one of the top cooks in Oaxaca. People from all over take her cooking classes. My wife and I did so and the classes begin with a walk to the market where Nora buys that day's supplies and introduces you to all the bounty of the region....." Steven L. Smith, Bellingham WA


Here are just a few of the dishes available. Special request require a 72 hour notice.

Salsas/Botanas..Sauces and Appetizers
Several salsas and appetizers will be made....hearty enough
to be a meal!

Learn to make the dough, preparation of the banana leaves
or corn husks, mixing of the filling and assembly.

One of the unsung classic moles of Oaxaca.

Chile Rellenos/ Stuffed Chiles
Chile Pasillos stuffed with a sweet chicken mixture then
fried in an egg batter.

Empanadas de Cazon
Fried corn tortilla filled with a spicy fish mixture.

Rajas de Chile Poblano y Ejotes con Huevos
Poblano chiles, green beans, and scrambled eggs.

White Pozole
Fresh chicken broth with hominy.

Mole Amarillo
Estofado with Mint Rice


Students discuss with Nora the meal they would like to prepare at least 48 hours in advance. Because of the nature of the class, reservations are a must and are prepaid. Prices start at $70.00 USD per person. Private classes can be arranged. If a spouse or friend would like to partake of only the meal the price is $25.00 USD. No last minute changes to menu.

No video recording allowed. You are welcome to take still photographs for your personal use.

Classes conducted at Alma de mi Tierra are limited to 10 persons. Groups over 10, and up to 20 will be taught at another local that can be arranged with sufficient time.

Flan de Kalua

After the meal is prepared you will then be seated at our main dining table with a formal setting. Here you will be able to enjoy your new creation with your fellow classmates and family. This is an extremely convivial time.


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